About us

It is a dynamic team that transforms all the knowledge we have acquired, both professionally and sarcastically, into service. Our most important difference is; that we are constantly updating all our knowledge and experience. We are working with all our faith and strength in order to constantly improve ourselves and provide better quality service. Sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers made us happy and thus we reached more companies. We work with hundreds of companies from different sectors.

IMPERIUM AGENCY; With its team of experts in the field, it fills the gap of an advertiser-oriented agency by prioritizing transparent work. The motto of IMPERIUM AJANS is to bring the right medium together with the right advertiser.

As a result of our observations, the common idea of ​​most businesses is that; no one wants to invest in an advertising plan, website or social media management that doesn’t pay off or doesn’t know exactly what it’s worth. At this point, all that is needed is; It is a real agency that works 100% transparently, understands and adopts brand goals, and is on the side of the brand!

IMPERIUM AGENCY is an agency that sets out as an investment measurer and brings a new breath to the sector by looking at the sector by the advertiser, not the advertiser. It has adopted a measurement that works for our customers, where you can get transparent and instant reports. With a flexible media plan that focuses on your goals, it applies an advertising approach that adds real value to your brand and conversion-oriented work.

Our aim; It is not media or expenditure oriented, but customer oriented reporting, a media plan prepared with high-yielding channels, fabrication, ideas and campaigns produced by heart, but to work with an idea thought for you. We are not an agency that makes the media presentation and gives you a report after you approve the budget and stays silent until a second report. Our greatest added value is to plan in line with the company’s needs. During our ongoing work, we are committed to managing your marketing processes in the most accurate way by constantly communicating with you and your team, and to work with you as a solution partner, not as an Agency & Customer.

We are the next generation’s transformation-oriented agency, not the new generation, and we stand behind our promises!